Saturday, December 22, 2012

shopping spree

i know christmas shopping ended (for some people) but big night is coming and i have one amazing place for shopping to suggest you!
maybe you already know it or maybe not.. but i'm tinking about eFoxCity!

why do you need to go and check it out?
well that is simple!
#1.  cheap formal dress
they have so many pretty dresses for special occasion, and they are pretty cheap too.
check it out here.
#2. cheap evening dresses 2013
 if you are looking for evening dress this place is perfect for you.
you imagine it, they have it ;) so cool!
check it out here.
#3.   fashion wedding dresses 2013
and if you are looking for that very special white dress ;) yes i'm thinking on wedding dress you absolutely have to check it out!
click here.

and the things that i like from eFoxCity are...

this is what i call dreamy..oh so, so dreamy.
can some please invite me to some very fancy, up-east side party so i can buy this dress?
royal blue.. how not to love this dress!?
and i would so rock it ;)
and how cute is this  jacket..?
super cute if you ask me! :)
or this shirt. and it's so cheap! just $ 15 !
well let's stop.. ;)
 as you can see they really have amazing thing, so go (click here) check them out.

enjoy in weekend!

Monday, December 10, 2012

new in

guys met my new russian (my friends say it reminds them on russia..i am not that sure) lover :)
they say money can't buy love but boy oh boy does he make me happy!
that royal blue with golden reminds me on some Chanel models.

also i bought one more (see, about that i was talking here) in ZARA. 
the black one with black buttons, more classic. I couldn't find it on there site, it's probably from last year collection but it's so pretty and not expensive. so check out ZARA stores ;)

and how gorgeous are these cuties? :)
i was looking for ankle booties with studs for a long time, and finally i find them in NEW LOOK store (yes beside badass jeans (see here) they have badass shoes too :) 
also when i bought them they where on sale.. i know.. so cool:)

and if you are looking for Christmas dress i have perfect suggestion for you!
check out my new lady. Isn't she classy?

so, do you like it? :)

p.s. i know i am the worst blogger ever!
p.s.s. here is snowing and it is very cold. winter is finally come.
p.s.s.s. i finally started watching new seasons of Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. so far good :)

happy monday! xo

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

cost of beauty

today i have something special for you guys.

i am very honored to present our friend Catherine's new project.
so click HERE and check it out!

Cost of Beauty Infographic


Sunday, December 2, 2012

today...i would like to wear.

let's play a game.. today i would like to wear.
to be honest i play this game in my head very often (yes i daydream about clothes too much. i admit.)
but today i would really like to wear...

something cozy and chic...

                                 winter by sweet-s featuring a red cashmere coat

Knit sweater

Fringe boots

or something little bit vintage but modern...
like this..

pretty vintage

Leather dress

Genuine leather jacket

Valentino suede high heels

London Travel Photography- Affordable Decor- Perspective- sage and...

and you guys? 
what would you like to wear?
happy sunday!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


yes i already  bought  a coat for this winter. but can you have to many coats?
can you?? well we know answer to that question.
how gorgeous is this coat?
i love that it's mixed with leather, so fancy ;)
oh let's be honest..this coat would look so good on me!

so yes, i spend all my money (boo).
yes, i know my birthday passed (boohoo) 
but if i'm not mistaken (and i'm not) Christmas is coming! (woohoo)
so my dear friends, family...anyone-who-wishes-to-buy-me-present
 i would really..really...
REALLY (you get it?) like to get this coat.
...just saying.

p.s. dear Santa, i was so super good this year!
..just so you know. xx

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


cozy blanket, bed and home sweet home.. sometimes you really don't need anything more.
do you?

btw. do you like my new shirt? i'm totally in love.
and if you want to have it or something other from oasap store using SPARKLEFB you will get discount of 25%! and keep in mind that shipping is free! ;)
shirt: oasap (click here), tee: not branded, jeans: ZARA

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


you know that feeling when you need to write a post but it's just not happening. so you sit and look at the screen of your pc hoping? well today i'm having one of those days.

that explains so many ''interesting'' text today... :D

and about outfit..
today was one of those days when i was feeling let's wear something different!
what do you think?

blazer: Stradivarius, tee: Leftis, leggings: OASAP
boots: not branded 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

hey ho here she goes

guys.. meet my new jeans!
jeans.. meet my fabulous people :)
well, now when that is done let's talk fashion!

maybe you remember when i talk about NEW LOOK's new collection of jeans in one of my previous posts (click here) well my pair finally arrived. and guess what? i'm in love! why?
well, i love that they are comfy like leggings, and even look like leggings but they are still jeans.
and they look so good on me! don't they? :D so if you didn't check out this new collection do it now (click here)!

also, for those of you who would like to work with fashion brands and companies and to be inform about cool creative campaigns and competition go and follow our friend Manuel on twitter (@MforManuel)

p.s. autumn is so pretty! isn't it?
p.s.s and the song for this sunny tuesday is.. click,click,click.

jeans: NEW LOOK (click here)  blouse: ZARA, sweater: PRIMARK, 
shoes: not branded, belt: H&M

Saturday, November 3, 2012

oasap closet

we are back! woohoo :) 
and for being bad bloggers lately we have a little surprise for you, and your wallets ;)

our friend from oasap filled our closet with amazing things.
and now they give you a chance to fill yours. and with discount of 25% and free worldwide shipping  that's a deal you just can't miss.

here are some of our clothes from lovely oasap shop.
leggings: view more photos || shop
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