Monday, July 30, 2012

monday. outfit. hair. music.

i think that says it all...

there is nothing better than cozy dress at hot summer day. is there?
i payed this dress about 3 €. yes you read that right. only 3 €.
and when you find something so good and cheap my motto is buy it in all colors!
so i did :) in pink and white. 

this is mine fave hairstyle for this summer.
and if you asking how did i did it, it's all thanks to sabrina's video tutorial (click here)
it may look hard to do, but it's really easy.
tweet me (@fb_sparkle) pic if you try it :)

summertime sadness. lana del rey.
on repeat all the time. click here to play.

until next time...enjoy :)
bye, bye!

dress/shoes: non branded, sunnines: Avanglion,  necklace: gift (silver)
bracelets: from spain

Thursday, July 26, 2012


why am i wearing that thing that i'm wearing?
  first. i love wearing boots with dresses, on naked skin.
in my head there is something cool about that. and you have to admit it looks so good! :) right?
 second. weather is changing by the minute, so this is mine combination for sunny-rainy-day.

lately life problems..
 you know when you start eating watermelon, and your belly is becoming like a ball, and you feel like your bladder is going to explode, and in some corner of your mind you know that you can't eat more.. but you are still eating.. do you know that feeling? anyone?
 well dear me... i will just say..self-control!
think about that! ;))

and with sound of rain coming through my window i am saying bye bye 
and i wish you are having one amazing day! :))
and song for today is! (on the repeat all the time lately)

jacket: vintage, dress: non branded, boots: Leftis 
necklace Bijou Brigitte, watch: Fossil

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


social media

are you a fashion or beauty or life or whatever blogger, brand, company....etc. wanna success in  global online world?

then learn from the best!
and when i say the best  i mean dkny pr girl and her team
check out how something can be done in  innovative, creative, interesting, new and totally damn cool way!

 for those of you who live in london i think there isn't better invitation from this one to go and check out new DKNY store.
and for rest of us, take your notebook and start taking notes about how it's done!
you can really learn a lot!


Monday, July 23, 2012

took my breath away

these days i'm lovin'...
that sweet smell of rain. sound of rain, it's perfect music for my ears.
 cozy sweater on my skin. 
 breeze in my hair.
that nice feeling of coldness.
chocolate (like i always do). watermelon. ice cream.
and maxi skirts.
oh is there anything more cozy than maxi skirt? i don't think so :)
happy monday!

p.s. photos in this post are made by us, not by professional. yes, we are very proud :)

cardigan: ZARA, tee: Terranova, skirt: DIY, shoes: ZARA
necklace: Peacocks, bracelets: indian shop 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

some days..

this week is getting better and better!
first my lovely dress arrived (click here to see it) than few days latter this shorts.
yes some days being fashion blogger is pretty amazing! :))
thanks oasap on this lovely gift.
so yes my lovely girls hard work payoffs.
p.s. music on repeat click, click, click

shirt: ZARA, shorts: oasap (click here),wedges: ZARA
watch: CASIO

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