Wednesday, May 30, 2012

simple & chic.

with little bit of colors every cloudy day can look better :)
one very simple but chic outfit.
enjoy your day!

sam malo boje svaki tmuran dan moze da izgleda puno bolje :)
nadam se da je ovo kisno vreme iza nas!
jednostavna , ali sik kombinacija.
uzivajte u suncu :)

cardigan: ZARA, t-shirt: Terranova shorts: H&M, shoes: Stradivarius
sunglasses: PRIMARK

until nest time...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lady in Black

Do you remember night out post?
Well these photos were taken day after that..
After all night of dancing, drinking cocktails, and going to bed at 6 a.m.
As you can see I was very ''inspired'' for dressing up... NOT :D
Day at countryside, with family, eating cake, enjoying sun..
..perfect after long nigh!
Happy Monday!

Da li se secate night out posta?
E ove slike su nastale odmah sledeceg dana.
Kada celu noc igrate, pijete koktele i legnete u 6h sledeci dan i niste bas inspirisani za neke posebne odevne kombinacije... :)
Dan ko stvoren za izlezavanje!

skirt: Terranova, shirt : PRIMARK shoes: Peacocks

until next time..

Thursday, May 24, 2012


1.this skirt is so gorgeous. i love the print and the shape 
2.with cute yellow bag you can't go wrong. i have to say this would be perfect present for your girlfriends.
3. neon wedges? yes, please! and they are so cheap!
4. orange bracelets, love.

wanna see more wishlist?
click HERE.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eurovision | Love it and not so much

I have to say I am fan, but..
i  will be honest, brutally honest.
Seems like crisis moved from our pockets to our creativity. 
From songs to dress everything was..ah.. wait. i am searching for word just to be nice...
Saying first semi-final night was bad is just being nice (again).
of course we have to say well done Baku! 
Stage and all the rest looked amazing.
But let's start..
Cyprus | I love have she looks. That black hair and red lipstick really work for her! Dress is also nice, but   if you are close enough to see all the details. Maybe different color would work better for stage. But all in all nothing special.

Finland | I love the color and shape of the dress. She was actually the only one in the real dress, and to me she looked really nice. I would gave her decent 4 (from 1 to 5) only because in all that madness she was popping out.

Greece | Yes. She is smoking hot, I admit. But is that a dress or ...  Although  in photo it looks nice, nice color combination. On stage with all the lights it  didn't look that pretty. I read last night on Twitter that Greece is staying in  the most expensive  hotel in Baku! A-ha! What do you say about that dear Europian people? Crisis or not so much... ;) (p.s. let's move to Greece!)

San Marino | Hm.. Just one question. That silver thing around your neck, how do you call that? Top? T-shirt? Necklace? What is that?

Latvia | How many boring (and here I'm being nice and not saying ugly) dresses at one stage.

Russia | Aw :) they were so cute! So original. You just have to like them! Go Babushke! :)

Albania | OMG! I am going to ignore that thing on her head, and that snake around her neck. Ignore button is sooo ON! But does this girl have a mirror? Or friend? Or just someone to be nice to her and say ''hunnie, maybe you should change your clothes!''

Ireland | I saw them and thought. You again.  My second thought was.. Power Rangers! :D Anybody else?

Austria | Here we see little bit of trend. That neon dresses totally rock the stage. (No I am not going to say anything about the dance... ;) but kinds it's not for you! )

I could talk more, but let's leave something for the others to say :)
If you are going to watch the second semi-final in Thursday you can join me on twitter
And about songs... This one is totally contagious!
I can already see me dancing this summer in some club... :)

And you guys? Opinions?

 Until next time...

photos : Thomas Hanses

Monday, May 21, 2012

Night out

night out with my girls!
we were celebrating the b'day (again).
 i could say i wore the higest heels i have.. but it would be lie.
because let's be honest if you want to dance all night the flats are the perfect choice.
and if audrey hepburn could be so chic wearing flats so can I :)
or at least i can try :))
but i sure dance all night.
happy monday you fabulous people!

kada pocnete slaviti u cetvrtak morate zavrsiti u nedelju :)
pa jednom moja seka puni 27! :D hahahaha
(ne znate o cemu pricam? klik OVDE)
a ako zelite da igrate celo vece onda tu stiklama mesto nema.
mislim..pozerke su odavno OUT! (cisto da Vas obavestim! da, mislim na Vas.)
nova radna nedelja je pred nama.. kad ce petak?! :D

 blazer: Stradivarius, top: Terranova, shorts: H&M, shoes: Stradivarius  necklace:  Bijou Brigitte

until next time..

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Make a Wish

This year i decided to kidnap my sister for her birthday!
Yes kidnap.
See, for her birthday she always has small home party with friends.. But not this year.
mahahahahaha :)
This year I decided it's going to be surprise day :)
Cocktail in her fav club, cinema, her fav greek food for dinner and shots and funny videos for the end of a night.
I know pretty awesome :)
Here are few photos from the day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Singin' in the Rain

Raining, stop raining, raining, stop raining...all day!
And i don't live in England!
But with bright colors outfit and umbrella I am try to make this cloudy days better.
And I'm singing in the rain ;)
BTW thanks for lovely ( ''brave'' :D lol ) comments on mine last post.

Pada kisa, ne pada, pada, ne pada...i tako ceo dan..svaki dan.
Ovo vreme je po prilicno zamorno...ili bolje receno smorno :)
Ali nista sto malo svetlih boja ne moze da razdrma. Zar ne?
Malo boja, malo pesme ...
i vo la :)
p.s. puno divnih komentara na mom proslom postu, hvlala!

umbrella: Blanco, scarf: PRIMARK, top: not branded , blazer: Stradivarius, jeans: ZARA shoes: ZARA 
watch: CASIO

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