Friday, October 26, 2012

beauty tips: fave-daily makeup products

we never did a makeup or beauty post so i thought as we don't have a time (and the weather is awful)  to do outfit post sharing my fave beauty products with you guys would be fun (well, i hope so)

in my daily make up routine i don't use a lot of make up, just a few things. i really like that natural look, without many makeup.
so this are mine daily/fave make up products.

maybelline affinitone mineral foundation

i can easily say it is the best foundation i ever tried. sincerely girls, it worth every dime spend on it. and if you are girl with casper complexion (or i could say as a french cheese complexion.. but like this sounds better :D ) like me then it's absolutely perfect for you. it cover all flaws  and makes your face look like you are an porcelain doll.
 the thing that you have to pay attention is shade or number of foundation that you are using. for example for mine complexion number 40 (FAWN) is perfect. i know you are thinking now it's too dark for mine too white skin. but i pick it randomly and it turned up to be perfect.

essence cover stick

i start using essence cover stick recently and i have to say i'm very satisfied. it totally covers up flaws and bags under the eyes, and the best thing it's that's very easy to use.
 i also used essence foundation and i have to say i was very satisfied. so if you didn't try essence makeup i highly recommend you do. it's cheep and good.

Deborah blush

the thing that i notice for natural look is very important that your foundation and your blush goes good with each other, complement each other. i love deborah's blushes because they last long and have that natural look. now i'm using number 24.

eucerin lip active

in daily base, especially in winter,  i like to have just a lip balm on my lips. also when i put lipstick i first add lip balm than lipstick, in that way your lipstick will stay longer.

also i usually use some eye shadows and mascara  but in that part i don't have fave products. maybe you could recommend something?

so what do you think. yay or nay for beauty posts? :)


Monday, October 22, 2012

little talks.

these days... i love..wearing sweaters. drinking hot tea. eating hazelnut chocolate . being with my friends. mom's food. the fact that is october and it looks like spring. the fact that i'm not wearing jacket. 

these days...i miss...  sleeping. mom's food. being with my friends. eating ice cream. 

these days..i am.. tired and sleepy. to much work for this busy bee.

these days..ah..

and what are you doing these days?! 
 sweater: MANGO, tee: TERRANOVA, jeans: ZARA,
shoes: BORELI, watch: Jacques Lemans 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sneak peek in Nati's closet

 this week lovely Nati is opening her closet for us, check it out :)

1. Sorry, who are you...
I'm Nati Moares from Petticoat Playground, I´m a 26 years old girl from Galicia (Spain) and i am currently I'm living now in Malta with my husband.

2. My closet is ...
The one which was already in the flat we rented here in Malta. Fortunately, it's quite beautiful and even though it is not very big I can manage to organize my clothes for now.

    3. Favorite thing (at this moment) in my closet is...
I love so much a summer dress with small strawberries!

    4. I have a collection of...
Accessories. I am addicted to them!!!

    5. Labels You like?
I buy clothes mainly from Zara, H&M, Topshop, Pull & Bear and Asos but I can spend hours and hours either going to physical shops or surfing the internet looking for special items.

   6. Most money I spend on?
Well, I would say that firstly basics and (again) accessories. Secondly, trendy garments of new season.

   7. I could buy all the time...
Bracelets!!! I love them and I always wear some.

   8. Yes I admit, i bought...
Tacky net tights when I was younger xD

  9. One day I would love to have in my closet...
For example, a red Valentino Haute Couture gown ♥

isn't she lovely?! 
to know more about this great girl check out her blog  Petticoat Playground, so go and say hi! 
also you can find her on Facebook (click here)

for more closets click here.

and if you want to be a part of  this just email us :)
hope you are having an amazing week. thanks for visiting.

Monday, October 15, 2012

and here we go.. autumn.

dear monday,
here we go again...

dear autumn,
welcome! hope you will bring lots of sunny days.
but just in case you didn't know i'll tell you...remind you....i really don't like rain and cold.
so keep it on mind.

dear and old one,
we will totally rock this season!

dear gossip girl,
first episode was sooooo good! i want more and more! :)

dear readers,
thanks for visiting, following, leaving comments! you guys are the best!
and if you like my letters click here for more.
sparkle girl

p.s. how cute is my cat? :)) <3
p.s.s. if you want to hire my cat so you can have AMAZING pics you just need to email me.. ;)

hat: springfild, skirt: Peacocks, jumper, tee & boots: not branded,
socks: Primark

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

let's spend money.

1- sweater || 2- shoes || 3- bag || 4-skirt || 5- sweater || 6- jacket

do you need new autumn clothes? well than we have  sweet deal for you.
using code SPARKLEFB you will get 21% of discount on all product in oasap store!
plus shipping is free!
how cool is that?!

happy shopping ladies  :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

and the winner is..

@denimcomp by sweet-s on Polyvore

first of all..
thanks to all ladies for participating in  our denim competition, #denimcomp! you really did an amazing job and choosing the best was really hard.
well done my lovely ladies! 

and our lovely winner is... Bivi from Alive as Alwayscongrats!
the unique approach and design of one outfit for different occasions using an anime/manga style made was the main reason we choose her. click here to see her awesome entry.

The nine runners up are:
1. Gee from Gee Horsfield, click here to see her entry.
2. Erin  from Wings To Fly, click here to see her entry. 
3. Helen from Helen hearts, click here to see her entry.
4. Zoe from The Beauty Shelf, click here to see her entry. 
5. Sara from Sugar, click here to see her entry.
6. Georgina from Georgina Goodman, click here to see her entry.
7. Melita from Coffee Break, click here to see her entry.
8. Pippa from Fashiion Foxx, click here to see her entry. 
9. Alex from Fashion Bandit, click here to see her entry.

congrats ladies, you did amazing job!
new look will soon contact you so you can get your sexy pants ;)
also please leave me comment below with your email address so we (sparkle girls) can contact you about featuring! ;)

big thanks to people from New Look for choosing us for this project. 
it was blast working with you guys.

until some next project... stay tuned.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

mom, we are famous! + life lately... we are famous! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)
click here and check out our interview for The Upcoming made by lovely Kelsey Butler.

and little bit of life ....
....via instagram. (@sparklefb)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sneak peek in Kristina's closet

1. Sorry, who are you...
Hi, I am Kristina from That Vertigo, student of physics from Kragujevac,Serbia, fashion blogger, pin up style admirer and an urban fun kind of girl. I enjoy reading,writing, laughing and blogging with a hot cup of tea.

2. My closet is ...
Colorful, with plenty of bags, jewellery, jackets and jeans… My closet is starting to take over my room, especially the accessories! I like being creative with placement of my rings, necklaces, earrings and hats . But still, sometimes that’s not even closely enough,  and I sneak in to my mom’s closet ( pssst but that’s between you and me only ;)  )

3. Favorite thing (at this moment) in my closet is...
Everything that’s easy and comfortable to wear in summer. If a have to say only one thing ,that would be my grey-white converse  low-top sneakers … But I also love wearing light cotton dresses, and light comfortable tops with interesting prints. They are all my favourite J

4. I have a collection of...
Cardigans in every colour, berets and long sleeve shirts! Can’t get enough of those :D

5. Labels You like?
I buy clothes if they catch my eye ( in case of interesting colour, pattern, perfect fit ) . If that piece of clothing is Zara or Bershka, that’s just one more reason for me to purchace it! :D

6. Most money I spend on?
Shoes , bags and jeans.

7. I could buy all the time...
Necklaces, scarves and clutches,which put a finishing touch to every piece of clothing.

8. Yes I admit, i bought...
t-shirts without trying them on. Some of them did fit but that’s my frequent mistake when shopping.

9. One day I would love to have in my closet...
Red pattent leather peep toe pumps ( still haven’t found the perfect pair L ), a prada bag and a collection of vintage hats.
thanks to lovely Kristina for opening her closet for us. we love it :)
to know more about this amazing girl check out her blog That Vertigo.
also you can find her on Facebook (click here), so pop up and say hi! 

and if you missed our previously closet posts click here, trust me you will love it.

and if you want to be one of girls that opens her closet for us just email us. ;)
yes, it's that simple.


Monday, October 1, 2012

i hear your heartbeat..

hello guys! it's me girl behind the camera :))) and today i'm not going to talk about outfit, today  i'm leaving  one very personal message...surprise message for someone... ;)

my dear pain in the ass,
 you make my life shine and sparkle in the best possible way.
and yes, i admit my life without you would be very, very boring!
i love you beyond the sky and more, of course! :) happy Bday!
and SURPRISE! :))) <3
Love, S.

 yes, are little girl in front of camera today is celebrating her 25th ( but pssssst) birthday.
and boy do i have surprise for her ;) this is just part 1. i promise i'll make her take photos so you can see ;)

but back to blog.
i'm leaving you to enjoy in photos and outfit.
also this week we are guest bloggers at  The Dime Diary so click, click, click HERE to see it! :)

happy monday!
top: ZARA, skirt and shoes : Stradivarius 
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