Friday, June 29, 2012

Push & Play

i don't feel inspired to say something smart ...  it's so so hot outside and i just can't think . 
so i decided to keep quiet and let music play :)

btw. finally you can see my new sandals mention here in action!

tee, skirt : Terranova, sandals: H&M, bag: Mango, 
watch:  Jacques Lemans, sunnies: Ray Ban


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sneak peek in CeCe's closet


1. Sorry, who are you...
My name is Cristina (CeCe) and I own Barcelona Brunettes along with Núria, who will show you her closet on another post. We are two girls from Barcelona in love with life and fashion :)

2. My closet is ...
My whole room!! I’ve got two closets, where I keep most of my clothing items and shoes, but I keep my bags, the rest of my shoes and my jewellery on other places of the room. I have to admit that I am not a super organized person, as I like to mix and match my pieces all the time. I simply keep them stored by the kind of item they are.

3. Favorite thing (at this moment) in my closet is...
Wow! Really?? I can’t choose just one item! As summer is coming, I’d say anything colorful that I’ve recently bought, like my neon pink t-shirt, my newest wedges, a coral belt or a minty flowery dress from two summers ago.

4. I have a collection of...
Shoes!!!! Probably if you looked up “shoe addict” on the dictionary, my name would be there. I adore clutches too, but they are a million years away in numbers from my shoe collection.

5. Labels You like?
Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Zara shoes,… But I love buying pieces from unknown designers which I find interesting (and which probably very few people own)

6. Most money I spend on?
Dresses and shoes and bags!

7. I could buy all the time...
Chunky jewellery, clutches, one of a kind dresses and heels.

8. Yes I admit, I bought...
A Backstreet Boys and a Spice Girls t-shirt I used to wear when I was young! OMG!

9. One day I would love to have in my closet...
My own designs!!!

i could live in  CeCe's  closet and be so happy there....ah :D lol
seriously how amazing is her closet? wow!
if you want to know more about  CeCe  (and i know you do) and about  Barcelona Brunettes 
click HERE and visit their blog.
You can also find them on Facebook (click here) and Twitter (click here) too.

 and if you are in the mood to see more closets click HERE ;)

and don't forget to enter my   GIVEAWAY 

Monday, June 25, 2012

there's a place downtown..

hello monday,
i am so not happy to see you. just so you know -_-
girl who has to work on monday

hello taking-photos-at-night,
it's clearly that this round goes to me! a-ha!
take that,
girl behind the camera

hello zara,
maybe i am dressed from head to toe in you here and again on this photos.. what can I say... we go perfect with each other! and if you want to be my best friend and share your clothes with me..just so you know..i'm completely fine with that..
girl who loves her friends (if you know what i mean) ;)

dear readers,
thanks for stopping by and following! you make me veryyyy happy!
happy monday!
girl with smile on her face

dress: ZARA, shoes: Stradivarius 

Friday, June 22, 2012

#giveaway (closed)

 it is time for our first GIVEAWAY!!!
our lovely friends from oasap decided not  just to make us happy with their gifts (that gorgeous dress, see here &  the coolest  leggings , see here) but to make someone of our lovely readers happy too!

oasap is giving you a chance to choose and win 1 from 152 items (click HERE to see items)
how cool is that?

vreme je za nas prvi GIVEAWAY!!!
nasi dragi prijatelji iz oasap-a odlucili su ne samo nas da cine srecni sa svojim pokloncicima (secate se one prelepe haljine, klikni ovde i onih cool helanki, klikni ovde)  nego da usrece nekog od nasih divnih citalaca takodje!

oasap vam daje mogucnost da izaberete i osvojite 1 od 152 stvari u njihovoj prodavnici (klikni ovde da vidis)
zar to nije fenomenalno?

some of ../ neke od mojih omiljenih
Would you like to have something new in your closet? 


For entry (Mandatory):
1.Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect or bloglovin'
2. Sign in your account on No account yet? Register to get a 20% off coupon code.
3. You need choose a item that you would like to win (click HERE) size and then vote, so that we know the size you need if you win. . Click HERE to choose  your item!
4. leave the email in the comment saying have many times you entered the giveaway
5. We will select winner at random and contact winner through the email that used to register account on

For extra entries:
Like Oasap on Facebook (+1 entry)
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You have exactly 19 days for entry :)
don't miss your chance to win.  Good luck!

Zelite nesto novo u vasem ormanu ?


put do pokloncica :)
1. pratite moj blog preko Google Friend Connect ili bloglovin'-a
2.registrujete se na (veoma jednostavno) 
3. izaberete stvar koju zelite da dobijete tako sto glasate za nju i odaberete velicinu koja vam odgovara. kliknite OVDE da bi izabrali pokloncic :))
4.ostavite komentar sa vasim email (onim sa kojim ste se prijavili na 

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Srecno! :))

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sneak peek in Tatiana's closet

fave thing 

1. Sorry, who are you...
Hi I am Tatiana, a 23 years old italian fashion blogger from Tati loves pearls )

2. My closet is ...
 Too small! I have not enough space, that's the real problem... or maybe do I have too many things? :)

3. Favorite thing (at this moment) in my closet is...
A vintage floral dress that my bf's mom gave me: too cute! (sooner an outfit post on my blog )
4. I have a collection of...
Bags, jewels and scarves! I buy them every time I can :)

5. Labels You like?
I'm in love with Zara, I'd seriously like to buy everything! If we talk about haute couture I'd kill for Yves Saint Laurent!
6. Most money I spend on?
Maxi tee that can also be used as mini dresses and jewelry!

7. I could buy all the time...
Bags! Maxi, mini, clutch, envelope, satchel... I love them all!

8. Yes I admit, i bought...
A Birkenstock sandal: I know, they're not fashion at all, but you have no idea of their comfort!!

9. One day I would love to have in my closet...
Some gorgeous long dresses as the ones you see in red carpets: nothing let you feel like a princess more than a long dress!
To know more about this lovely girl go check out her blog,
I am absolutely sure you want to know how she wears all this amazing clothes .
Because i can't decided what i like more.. bags, or jewelry, or... :)
Also you can like her FACEBOOK page (click here) or follow her on TWITTER (click here).

And if you are new and would like to see more amazing closets and meet some amazing bloggers click HERE.

After a break I am again sneaking in other peoples closet  :) hihi
 and boy oh boy do i have treats for your eyes..:))
so stay tuned!

ps. if you want  me to snoop through your closet...
..ah..ah... just let me know ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blue jeans, White shirt...

 finally it's hot. summer the way i like :)
ice coffee, floppy hat, shorts, blue sky and good music...
do i need to ask for more?
top, shorts, shoes: ZARA, 
hat: vintage

Saturday, June 16, 2012

oh that dress..

 in my last post you saw a sneak peek and now here is a the whole package.
i have to say i'm totally amazed with this dress.
thanks once again oasap

dress: oasap shoes: primark headband: Leftis necklace: ZuZu 

enjoy in weekend lovely people :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New IN

This is the prettiest dress I ever saw!!
And it's MINE :)))))
Thank you oasap 

Soon you'll see in the action ;)


if you want to see me wearing this dress 
click HERE :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

7 days 7 dresses

when i saw 7 days 7 dresses competition at Fashion Champagne blog i was immediately hooked!
the rules are very simple. you have to choose 7 dresses, one for each day, from new look and make a post with them for a chance to win 7 dresses from new look 
How amazing is that?
if you are up for it, check Fashion Champagne  for more info!

here is how i see myself in New Look

something simple,but chic, that will get me through the day
come on! it's MONDAY!

modern vintage 

totally sassy! 

black, white and little bit of print..

and it's finally friday
woohoo! part time :))

cozy maxi dress. love.
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