Thursday, August 30, 2012

all these lovely closets..

The Sketch Book

lovely ladies have lovely style.
but what about their closet? can you imagine their closet by the way they look?
well, we have answer on that question ;)

click on the link below the photo and check out their closet and their blog.
and if you want to check out mine closet click HERE.
                                                         --closet--blog--                                                                          --closet--blog--
                            - closet--blog-                                                                                    -closet--blog-
                         -closet--blog-                                                                         -closet-blog-

oh yes, we love to peek in other people's closets!
and this was just reminder!
so check out my fabulous ladies and their closets.

from september expect more! ;)

 we are getting lots of question like 'can i  participate?'
and the answer is OF COURSE! ;)
so do don't be shy, email us.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

the secret keeper.. bag!

i don't exactly remember when did i bought my first, let's call it big bag, but from that day i am always buying  big bags.
comments like ''omg what do you carry in that big bag'' ''are you moving'' etc. are totally normal for me.
i am one truly lover of big bags.

i am also big believer that is better to have just one GOOD bag than ten average bags.

so i thought it would be nice to share with you some of mine fave bags lately, that look amazing and they are not too expensive. 

so let's get started!
1- classic black bag! this one is so perfect for me. i love all these gold details.
 the price is $37 and with shipping included in that price, it's real bargain..
also you have this bag in other colors! 
click HERE to know more.
2- the shape of this bag is so cool. and i really like this color.
price: $51 (shipping included), there are other colors. 
click HERE to check it out.
3- oh this one is real cutie!i don't know why but to me it has some vintage vibe  .. and i love it!
i really, really want this bag (mom) ;)
price: $37 (shipping included). there are other colors.
click HERE to check it out.
4- i saw that lots of bloggers have this bag. and i have to admit at first look it's not mine cup of tea.
but seeing this bag in the hands of other girls  really made me change my mind.
price:  $41 (shipping included)
click HERE to check it out

and it's not like i don't have or don't like small bag. because i have them and like them!
very much.
5- well, this bag we can put in the category ''girl can dream'' :)
so, so cute. but for me that is just too much money for bag like this.
price: $85 (shipping included). there are other colors.
click HERE to check it out.
6- i love this kind of bag. they are perfect for walks with friends when you don't need lots of stuff.
price:  $22 (shipping included) there are other colors.
click HERE to check it out. 
7- super cute and cheap ;)
price: $28 (shipping included). there are other colors.
click HERE to check it out.

so what is your fave?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

old. new. love.

as every other girl sometimes.. 
(well, we are friends, right? so let's be honest.. it's more every other day situation)
i don't have anything to wear and sometimes i really, really don't have anything to wear.
you know..those (BIG) GIRL PROBLEMS.
well, few day ago in one of those critical life situation i don't have anything to wear
i found this top! 
in my closet (yes, i said MINE closet). just sitting there. all alone.
see, i bought this top few years ago in greece, wore it maybe twice, and totally forgot about him.
and now i'm so in love!

this made me think... what else i have but i don't know that i have in my closet?!

well, blue & white, arm candy bracelet and breeze in my hair.
gosh, i love summer!

disclaim: with this i am not admitting that i have something to wear. just so you know, mom! :P

top: Topshop, skirt: Stradivarius, shoes & bracelets: GATE

Saturday, August 18, 2012

like this or that..

vacation is over and we are back !
 we hope you didn't miss as to much ( oh, say you did! you did! right? ::::)  )

as you may know (click here if you don't) we really like blouses and we wanted to show you how you can wear one blouse in two ways, getting totally different effect by adding some detail.
as you see adding belt totally change the look.
so you buy one amazing blouse, and with little bit of creativity get two totally cool ways to wear it!
yes, that is what we call smart shopping! :)
so what do you think?

thanks to our friends from oasap for this lovely blouse, or better say for this whole look.
yeah, from head to toe oasap. we love it!
and if you are looking for some new but not so expensive blouse click here.

yes, yes we are back with lot's of new ideas so stay tuned ;)
enjoy in weekend!

p.s. we miss you too ::::) !!! <3

blouse: Oasap (click here), shorts: Oasap (click here), belt: H&M

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Take the hopping out of shopping

You may think that online shopping is only for certain things – clothes, music, DVDs, even heavy food items. But how about furniture... bed linen... or school wear?
On a computer screen you can compare and contrast similar products for ease of choice, and save your searches and return to them whenever you want.

If you’re after a new wardrobe or chest of drawers for your bedroom, there’s no need to write down a list of measurements and take it to your nearest store. No need to search through a limited choice of options while struggling to visualise your space at home. Instead, you can take your laptop and sit opposite the space where your wardrobe is going to go, and imagine each possible piece of furniture in its place, with the measurements at your fingertips too.

Trawling the high street with children in tow is always a challenge to the nerves when it’s time to shop for those back-to-school essentials – not to mention those fashionable non-essentials. So, it’s much easier on the joints for you to sit down and glance through a range of school clothes at your convenience, and order with a simple click of the mouse.

While shopping with your mouse rather than your feet may save you time and energy, many people are concerned about the logistical trouble of returning unwanted items. Not to worry: online shopping has come a long way since the early days of the internet, and returns are usually free – from money and pain in equal measure. If you’re unhappy returning items in the post, you can always book a collection, which is especially useful for unpostable items like home and garden ware and digital equipment. That way you know your order is in safe hands.

Another beauty of online shopping is generous, flexible payment plans. At Littlewoods, you can order anything from clothing to electrical appliances and pay for your orders in instalments from as little as 50p a week. The comfort of your own home beats the high street hubbub any day, and your wallet will definitely thank you.

illustration taken from

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sneak peek in Minja's closet

Guys and girls meet lovely Minja and her amazing closet :)

1.   Sorry, who are you... 
Hi everyone, my name is Minja, I’m a huge vintage, retro, pin up, boho and hippie fashion lover. Also, I'm blogging on 

2.  My closet is ... 
I would say that my closet is big, but since some time ago it's not big enough.
The closet has three parts and in the picture you can see only one. I have too many things that I have to keep in the boxes cause I have a shopping problem :D

3.  Favorite thing (at this moment) in my closet is...
Hmmm, only one?  It’s hard to choose,  maybe my new pastel retro bag. 
Every time when I buy something new that becomes my new favorite thing, until next shopping, and so on...

4.   I have a collection of... 
Sunglasses, jeans and scarves, but sometimes I think that I have a collection of everything.

5.  Labels You like?
None. Like I said, I love vintage style so it’s hard for me to go to some store and just buy something that's in the same time in my style and affordable.
Is my grandma's closet a label? :D

6.  Most money I spend on?
Probably on shoes.

7.   I could buy all the time...
Sunglasses... And I don’t have where to keep them anymore so I just hang them on my wall.

8.  Yes I admit, i bought...
I bought all kinds of crazy things when I was younger, like animal print leggings and animal print fake four coat (and I actually wore them together). I was just trying to find myself and my style.

9.  One day I would love to have in my closet...
I would really love to find vintage cat eye glasses that look good on me.
Also, a collection of cambridge satchel bags in every color, that are not from leather cause I don’t wear it, and collection of high waisted shorts.

how gorgeous is her closet? guys i am in love! and you?
if you are a lover of vintage, boho, retro style, but even if you're not
you absolutely have to go and check out her lovely blog Psycho Cat, you will love it.
and you can also find her on Facebook, click here.

until next closet..  :)
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