Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sneak peek in CeCe's closet


1. Sorry, who are you...
My name is Cristina (CeCe) and I own Barcelona Brunettes along with Núria, who will show you her closet on another post. We are two girls from Barcelona in love with life and fashion :)

2. My closet is ...
My whole room!! I’ve got two closets, where I keep most of my clothing items and shoes, but I keep my bags, the rest of my shoes and my jewellery on other places of the room. I have to admit that I am not a super organized person, as I like to mix and match my pieces all the time. I simply keep them stored by the kind of item they are.

3. Favorite thing (at this moment) in my closet is...
Wow! Really?? I can’t choose just one item! As summer is coming, I’d say anything colorful that I’ve recently bought, like my neon pink t-shirt, my newest wedges, a coral belt or a minty flowery dress from two summers ago.

4. I have a collection of...
Shoes!!!! Probably if you looked up “shoe addict” on the dictionary, my name would be there. I adore clutches too, but they are a million years away in numbers from my shoe collection.

5. Labels You like?
Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Zara shoes,… But I love buying pieces from unknown designers which I find interesting (and which probably very few people own)

6. Most money I spend on?
Dresses and shoes and bags!

7. I could buy all the time...
Chunky jewellery, clutches, one of a kind dresses and heels.

8. Yes I admit, I bought...
A Backstreet Boys and a Spice Girls t-shirt I used to wear when I was young! OMG!

9. One day I would love to have in my closet...
My own designs!!!

i could live in  CeCe's  closet and be so happy there....ah :D lol
seriously how amazing is her closet? wow!
if you want to know more about  CeCe  (and i know you do) and about  Barcelona Brunettes 
click HERE and visit their blog.
You can also find them on Facebook (click here) and Twitter (click here) too.

 and if you are in the mood to see more closets click HERE ;)

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  1. Oh so many shoes,I like CeCe´s closet. ;) xx

  2. This is one awesome closet! Nice post.

  3. Wow ,amazing Closet ♡ :)


  4. wow. those shoes. wow.

  5. I love all those girly dresses in your closet! Definitely need some of my own

  6. Uh, zadala je težak zadatak što se slika tiče, prelepe su :D

  7. wow, all in her closer is beautiful <3

  8. Shoes, shoes, shoes I love! :)
    I like so much these posts about closets!

  9. Wow I wish I had her shoe collection <3 and her bags collection haha

    Sabrilett's Armoire

  10. so many shoes! :D

  11. OMG - I love your closet, I wish mine was half as big as yours! Saw your post on Twitter and made my day!

  12. I love your closet. You have so many shoes!

  13. so many pairs of shoes! your closet looks great

  14. so cool! love this post.. i love getting to see into other peoples closets:-)

  15. Envious of everything here!!!
    Followed you.

  16. What an amazing closet! Beautiful shoes, they are so stylish. Lovely bags too.
    Nice post.

  17. aaaaah so many awesome shoes ! xx


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