Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sneak peek in Minja's closet

Guys and girls meet lovely Minja and her amazing closet :)

1.   Sorry, who are you... 
Hi everyone, my name is Minja, I’m a huge vintage, retro, pin up, boho and hippie fashion lover. Also, I'm blogging on 

2.  My closet is ... 
I would say that my closet is big, but since some time ago it's not big enough.
The closet has three parts and in the picture you can see only one. I have too many things that I have to keep in the boxes cause I have a shopping problem :D

3.  Favorite thing (at this moment) in my closet is...
Hmmm, only one?  It’s hard to choose,  maybe my new pastel retro bag. 
Every time when I buy something new that becomes my new favorite thing, until next shopping, and so on...

4.   I have a collection of... 
Sunglasses, jeans and scarves, but sometimes I think that I have a collection of everything.

5.  Labels You like?
None. Like I said, I love vintage style so it’s hard for me to go to some store and just buy something that's in the same time in my style and affordable.
Is my grandma's closet a label? :D

6.  Most money I spend on?
Probably on shoes.

7.   I could buy all the time...
Sunglasses... And I don’t have where to keep them anymore so I just hang them on my wall.

8.  Yes I admit, i bought...
I bought all kinds of crazy things when I was younger, like animal print leggings and animal print fake four coat (and I actually wore them together). I was just trying to find myself and my style.

9.  One day I would love to have in my closet...
I would really love to find vintage cat eye glasses that look good on me.
Also, a collection of cambridge satchel bags in every color, that are not from leather cause I don’t wear it, and collection of high waisted shorts.

how gorgeous is her closet? guys i am in love! and you?
if you are a lover of vintage, boho, retro style, but even if you're not
you absolutely have to go and check out her lovely blog Psycho Cat, you will love it.
and you can also find her on Facebook, click here.

until next closet..  :)


  1. she has an amazing style and whoaaa! this closet!

  2. Wow,she looks very pretty and I loooooooooooove the sunglasses!xx

  3. Devojke, ulepšale ste mi dan :))
    I iznenadile me sličicama :D :**

    1. aaaaaaaa bas nam je drago, i ti nama blog <3

  4. u covjee koja kolekcija naočara...odusevljena sam. I majice sa printovima. Minja rules....:)))

  5. she is so gorgeous! i'll def. check her out :)


  6. Wow, she really does have one awesome closet! I love how she stocks her sunglasses ♥

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    Trendy Teal

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  8. Wow I'm speechless! I love her style :)

  9. Nice post!

  10. Денес штотуку го открив нејзиниот а и твојот блог , блогот и е прекрасен и има прекрасен уникатен стил !

  11. love her style dear!!i follow her blog=)
    xoxo and have a nice weekend=)

  12. wow she got a great closet! nice post dear! kisses!

  13. Les tenues sont superbes!J'adore
    Angela Donava

  14. I've been following her and
    she really is pretty with great
    fashion style.

  15. Minja je prava slatkica, sa razvijenim prepoznatljivim stilom! Odlican post!!!:)

  16. Wow a lot of sunglasses, but I wish I had every pair of sunglasses, because they look great!
    Milena xx

  17. great tag! I love her vintage style! :)

  18. Great stuffs!

  19. Her closet is fabulous and she has such unique pieces in there!

  20. love your white wedges! Nice collection!!

  21. Wow. You have so many awesome stuffs.
    Love your bags!~:)

  22. Wow...her closet is amazing! I adore her blog and check it often...what a great post, thanks for sharing! xx

  23. I really like that post!

  24. Unmistakable style, classy and sophistication with a cool and youthful touch.

  25. This is ana amazing post! I always love seeing what is in peoples wardrobes! and she has such an amazing collection of stuff.

  26. I love her !! She has such an unique style !! I am so glad for her to be featured on your blog !!
    Newest follower - i would love to have you among my followers , too !! Hugs xx

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  28. very organizedd!! Love it!

    -Sydney xo


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