Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sneak Peek in Kira's closet

season 2 of sneak peek is officially beginning! woohoo :)
and our first lovely lady is Kira. check out her closet!
 for all you with weak heart and love for shopping it's better not to peek in Kira's closet..
for your own health.. just saying.. :) 

1. Sorry, who are you...
My name is Kira, I'm a Canadian personal style blogger from Northern Style Exposure.  Living in a major city I get the best of both worlds: urban cityscape, shopping, dining and a breathe taking river valley right outside my door. Edmonton is known for quite a few things but having one of the largest malls in the world doesn't hurt a shopping addict like myself.

2. My closet is ... 
A dressing room and a few other decorative storage ideas around the house!! Yes you heard correctly, I have a dressing room for all my wardrobe but unfortunately it is not enough room so I have expanded into a few other places around the house.

3. Favorite thing (at this moment) in my closet is...
I think my favourite ideas always shift from new buys to seasonal favourites. Currently loving my new cherry red Marc Jacobs Francesca bag. I'm sure tomorrow it'll be my Nic Campbell sunglasses or Frye paige riding boots.

4. I have a collection of...
Bags, boots and leather jackets. I can't stop myself from a beautiful Mackage leather jacket or a killer new pair ofReport Signature boots. I think I collect these because I feel they are timeless items. All three wardrobe staples, if treated right can stay with you for decades, unlike a cotton t-shirt or a pair of lululemon pants. Don't get me wrong, I think we are all drawn to the lululemon warehouse sales and comfy items but once you launder them a few times they are never the same.

5. Labels You like?
Marc JacobsAqua by Aqua, Maison Scotch, and of course J.Crew. I have a pretty serious love for anything J.Crew and I probably solely keep the new Edmonton location in business.

6. I spend the most money on?
One word: Bags!

7. I could buy all the time...
Statement necklaces, wool cashmere top coats and Marc Jacobs bags.

8. Yes I admit, I bought...
Skate boarder shoes in junior high and high school. And no, I wasn't a skate boarder. How embarrassing....

9. One day I would love to have in my closet...
Lots of J.Crew Collection pieces. They are so classic and versatile. It would make my wardrobe functional and beautiful for years to come. 

my lovely readers if i disappear for a while or even longer that is because i decided to go to Canada and to live in Kira's closet.  obviously.

to know more about lovely Kira check out her BLOG (click here)
also you can follow her on twitter (@Northern_Style) .

and if you miss season 1 click here.
amazing girls, lovely closets... trust me you will love it!

also don't miss a chance to win a pair of New Look's sexy jeans and to be in our blog wearing them!

thanks for popping by!


  1. Nice picture ! So much clothes OMG !

    We really like your blog and it will be amazing if you can check our blog and maybe follow us ?

    Hope to see you on Pretty Tiny Things

    Emily from PTT

  2. I agree -- I am all about the Marc Jacobs bags!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Wow! It looks amazing, I wish I had so many clothes :D

  4. OMG - amazing closet! I want to touch everything!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  5. Wow, this girl defenitely has some style! I love all the captures you made too :). Thanks for sharing!
    Hey, and thanks for commenting on my blog - it means a lot :).


  6. I want Kiras closet to be honest! It's all so beautiful and stored stylishly! X

  7. LOVE Marc Jacobs bags, with you there! Love the photos and your blog newest follower :)

    Ruth xxxx

  8. That closet is INSANE! I LOVE IT!!!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  9. U životu nisam videla bolji orman...kreativna je veoma, ma sve mi se sviđa!

  10. Love this closet and this idea for a post! Look at all these awesome pieces-I'm dying! This really makes me want to clean out and organize my closet and see what I can find.

    Elle Michele

  11. Nice closet and fabulous interview!

  12. MAJOR closet envy!


  13. WOW!I loooove this,honey!;)

  14. Wonderful post dear :))
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  15. Amazing post!!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?!! :)


  16. Love your blog, thats a great post.

  17. Love those photos!

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  18. That's a lot of clothes! cool!

  19. Man, I love finding out how other bloggers keep their closets. I totally need to steal some ideas from her!

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    Trendy Teal

  20. Super post!Beaucoup de choses interessantes!
    Angela Donava

  21. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  22. Amazing closet !! Love the way she put some shoes on boxes... and those pictures are so beautiful :)

    Put your heels up

  23. Qué fotos tan geniales y que envidia de armarioo

    un besazo

  24. Great answers!
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  25. wow, awesome closet, thanks for sharing it with us ;p

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  26. Thank you for the comment on my blog lovely! I LOVE every single photo, I just want it all! I have a new post up I would love for you to have a look at!

    Danie B x

  27. Stunning Closet Photos, OMG. lov'in ur blog :D *new follower*

  28. great post!! Love the pictures great quality!!!

  29. Love the layout of the closet

  30. Great post with amazing pics! How'd you like to follow each other?

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  31. Amazing closet! So many cute containers and shelves. Love the box containers for the shoes. :)


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