Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sneak peek in Kristina's closet

1. Sorry, who are you...
Hi, I am Kristina from That Vertigo, student of physics from Kragujevac,Serbia, fashion blogger, pin up style admirer and an urban fun kind of girl. I enjoy reading,writing, laughing and blogging with a hot cup of tea.

2. My closet is ...
Colorful, with plenty of bags, jewellery, jackets and jeans… My closet is starting to take over my room, especially the accessories! I like being creative with placement of my rings, necklaces, earrings and hats . But still, sometimes that’s not even closely enough,  and I sneak in to my mom’s closet ( pssst but that’s between you and me only ;)  )

3. Favorite thing (at this moment) in my closet is...
Everything that’s easy and comfortable to wear in summer. If a have to say only one thing ,that would be my grey-white converse  low-top sneakers … But I also love wearing light cotton dresses, and light comfortable tops with interesting prints. They are all my favourite J

4. I have a collection of...
Cardigans in every colour, berets and long sleeve shirts! Can’t get enough of those :D

5. Labels You like?
I buy clothes if they catch my eye ( in case of interesting colour, pattern, perfect fit ) . If that piece of clothing is Zara or Bershka, that’s just one more reason for me to purchace it! :D

6. Most money I spend on?
Shoes , bags and jeans.

7. I could buy all the time...
Necklaces, scarves and clutches,which put a finishing touch to every piece of clothing.

8. Yes I admit, i bought...
t-shirts without trying them on. Some of them did fit but that’s my frequent mistake when shopping.

9. One day I would love to have in my closet...
Red pattent leather peep toe pumps ( still haven’t found the perfect pair L ), a prada bag and a collection of vintage hats.
thanks to lovely Kristina for opening her closet for us. we love it :)
to know more about this amazing girl check out her blog That Vertigo.
also you can find her on Facebook (click here), so pop up and say hi! 

and if you missed our previously closet posts click here, trust me you will love it.

and if you want to be one of girls that opens her closet for us just email us. ;)
yes, it's that simple.



  1. :) Dopada mi se sta ste uradile sa slikom na pocetku ... Super! <3

    1. jeeeej :) bas sam se pitala hoce li ti se svideti.
      posto sam htela nesto izmedju retro i modernog pa mi je ovo palo na pamet :)

  2. A new closet, a new life, I love these posts :).

  3. oh, draga kris! baš me ugodno iznenadio ovaj post! pohvale!

  4. oh I love these posts!And I sneak into my Mums closet from time to time,too ;) xx

  5. Love your blog and you're style!

  6. Yeey my favorite posts! :D
    One more time I enjoyed these posts! :)

    1. yay! i'm so glad you do!
      i hope you check out the blog of our amazing Kristina ;)


  7. Great post, and lovely pictures :) Mina.
    My blog: The Style Fever

  8. I love this sneak peek, especially the jewellery which looks so pretty! xox

  9. Mnogo mi se sviđa njen kutak sa nakitom i to savršeno ogledalo <3

  10. So cool pictures!!
    Like every accesory in them!
    We have also a new post with a new outfit check it out if you want! ☺

  11. Great pics! I love the answer to #9!

  12. Great stuffs!!

    Ermanno Scervino SS 2013

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  15. Great clothing and accessory collection from Kristina. I love this kind of interviews with bloggers!


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