Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eurovision | Love it and not so much

I have to say I am fan, but..
i  will be honest, brutally honest.
Seems like crisis moved from our pockets to our creativity. 
From songs to dress everything was..ah.. wait. i am searching for word just to be nice...
Saying first semi-final night was bad is just being nice (again).
of course we have to say well done Baku! 
Stage and all the rest looked amazing.
But let's start..
Cyprus | I love have she looks. That black hair and red lipstick really work for her! Dress is also nice, but   if you are close enough to see all the details. Maybe different color would work better for stage. But all in all nothing special.

Finland | I love the color and shape of the dress. She was actually the only one in the real dress, and to me she looked really nice. I would gave her decent 4 (from 1 to 5) only because in all that madness she was popping out.

Greece | Yes. She is smoking hot, I admit. But is that a dress or ...  Although  in photo it looks nice, nice color combination. On stage with all the lights it  didn't look that pretty. I read last night on Twitter that Greece is staying in  the most expensive  hotel in Baku! A-ha! What do you say about that dear Europian people? Crisis or not so much... ;) (p.s. let's move to Greece!)

San Marino | Hm.. Just one question. That silver thing around your neck, how do you call that? Top? T-shirt? Necklace? What is that?

Latvia | How many boring (and here I'm being nice and not saying ugly) dresses at one stage.

Russia | Aw :) they were so cute! So original. You just have to like them! Go Babushke! :)

Albania | OMG! I am going to ignore that thing on her head, and that snake around her neck. Ignore button is sooo ON! But does this girl have a mirror? Or friend? Or just someone to be nice to her and say ''hunnie, maybe you should change your clothes!''

Ireland | I saw them and thought. You again.  My second thought was.. Power Rangers! :D Anybody else?

Austria | Here we see little bit of trend. That neon dresses totally rock the stage. (No I am not going to say anything about the dance... ;) but kinds it's not for you! )

I could talk more, but let's leave something for the others to say :)
If you are going to watch the second semi-final in Thursday you can join me on twitter
And about songs... This one is totally contagious!
I can already see me dancing this summer in some club... :)

And you guys? Opinions?

 Until next time...

photos : Thomas Hanses


  1. )))))who win, I am also looking
    ) is interesting

  2. Totally agree!!! Eurovision has ended up being a circus...
    And as far as the Greek team and the expensive hotel you mentioned, that is a lie cause many teams are staying in the same hotel! Moreover,yes, Greece faces a crisis, as an impact of the Global crisis combined with the fact that some chose to take advantage of us. So, I dont get it, even if they do stay there... Does any European country cover our expences in any manner?? Cause if you think that by lending us money at such rates they are sponsoring us, I must tell you that they are robbing us, like they have in the past... So, I think they should first return the stolen money and Ancient art and then whine...

    1. oh it was just a joke about all europe crisis talk (seems like these days we only talk about that, in every country) and i agree with you!
      greece is mine fav country so i am definitely on your side :)


  3. We don't have crisis in Greece, we just playing with you!!!...

    1. hahahah YES! than i am moving there! ;)


  4. I love watching the ESC :) xx

  5. I used to love Eurovision when I was a kid, now, not so much.

  6. Coming from downtown Buenos Aires, I've only heard about Eurovision from the behind the scenes video of the movie Mama Mia when they are talking about ABBA... how culturally uneducated of me haha

    But this seems like the real deal... yea it's no Cannes, but hey, it's been on for 56 years!
    And I love Jedwards... they are just a bundle of joy and stay true to their childhood heros I guess ;)

    Thanks for stopping by,



  7. I saw this semi-final. In the next one, Portugal will be present!

    1. i love your song! and she looked so beautiful :)


  8. Well actually I'm Eurovision fan too! :)
    And I'm agree with you!
    Following you in Twitter.

  9. I use to be a fan too but not anymore same thing as your feeling now :/ Hope it gets better later in the future ;)


  10. I have never seen this...but now I am intrigued :)


    1. really?
      europe we are doing something wrong.. :D lol

  11. Perfect photos ! Love to watch Eurovision ! Kiss x

  12. haha :D awesome review, I love the Russian ladies :D and you're so right about the dresses...

  13. I agree with you almost about everything :D Did you liked girls from my country ? Im from Slovenia.
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    1. i don't understand you very well.. but thank you :)

  14. Sweden was awesome! i am so glade she won :)


  15. it makes me laugh a lot the way you talk of concurrent of Eurovision! It is true that there are often strange costumes, and this year there have been many many!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, and for information, the brush of my new Loreal mascara is not too big! After, I can advise you the last Lancome mascara, the Dolls Eyes, it's the best ever! :)

  16. Svedska je imala fenomenalan nastup :))


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